Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome To The Course!

  • 02

    Before You Start

  • 03

    Introduction to the aquatic realm

    • Learning outcomes

    • Some definitions...

    • What are some physical and structural differences between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?

    • What is symbiosis?

  • 04

    The Linnaeus Classification System

  • 05

    Overview of Aquatic Life

  • 06

    Aquatic Organisms: Myths and Human Misperceptions

    • Learning outcomes

    • What does the label hazardous mean and do aquatic animals attack?

    • How can we reduce the risks?

    • What misperceptions and myths surround aquatic life?

  • 07

    Human Interactions with Aquatic Life

    • Learning outcomes

    • How to you passively interact with aquatic organisms?

    • Can you touch, ride, hunt or feed aquatic life?

    • What diving techniques should you use to preserve bottom dwelling organisms and to minimize disturbing aquatic life?

  • 08

    The Project AWARE Foundation

    • Learning outcomes

    • Project AWARE and why you're a natural ambassador for the ocean

  • 09

    Specialty Activities and Aquatic Life

  • 10

    Next Steps

    • What an epic journey! We're sad it's over...

    • More resources for you