Course curriculum

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    Welcome to your IDC Success Pack!

    • A message from your Course Director, Nic

    • Your Resources

    • Get IDC ready with these top 10 tips...

    • 1. Use Your Team

    • 2. Give Your All

    • 3. Get Organised

    • 4. Nail Your Dive Theory

    • 5. The Instructor Manual Is Your New Best Friend

    • 6. Learn to Look From Behind Your Student's Mask

    • 7. Practice Makes Perfect

    • 8. Get Excited About The Instructor Exam

    • 9. Protect What You Love

    • 10. This Is The Beginning Of An Amazing Career

    • The UItimate Packing List

  • 02

    Looking forward to your PADI Instructor Course

  • 03

    Ready to get in the zone?

  • 04

    WEEK 1 | Take a knowledge inventory

    • Why is dive theory so important?

    • Top tips for nailing theory exam questions

    • Need some extra help before you tackle these practice exam questions?

    • Practice Questions | Physics

    • How are you feeling about your Physics?

    • Practice Questions | Physiology

    • How are you feeling about your Physiology?

    • Practice Questions | Skills and Environment

    • How are you feeling about skills and the environment?

    • Practice Questions | Equipment

    • How are you feeling about Equipment?

    • Practice Questions | Recreational Dive Planner

    • How are you feeling about the RDP?

    • Zoom Check In 1 | TBC

  • 05

    WEEK 2 | Get your PADI ducks in a row

    • Why do we need to be hot on S&P as PADI Instructors?

    • About the Standards and Procedures Exam

    • Practice Questions | Standards and Procedures

    • How are you feeling about Standards and Procedures?

    • Zoom Check In 2 | TBC

  • 06

    WEEK 3 | Time for a dry run

    • *Pop Quiz!* Demos

    • Doing skills demonstrations is super simple

    • Improve your scuba skills from your sofa | Find out where we can use mental rehearsal in diving

    • Worried about doing demos for students? Relax with this simple technique!

    • EXAMPLE FOR "DRY RUN" PRACTICE 1 | Equipment Set-up

    • EXAMPLE FOR "DRY RUN" PRACTICE 2 | Deep Water Entry / Giant Stride

    • EXAMPLE FOR "DRY RUN" PRACTICE 3 | Regulator Recovery

    • EXAMPLE FOR "DRY RUN" PRACTICE 4 | Alternate Air Source

    • Zoom Check In 3 | TBC

  • 07

    WEEK 4 | What's that coming over the hill?

    • WTF is a Mental Framework?

    • * Pop Quiz! * Mental Frameworks

    • Giving teaching presentations will be easier than you think!

    • A little lesson planning secret

    • Zoom Check In 4 | TBC

  • 08

    Hack the PADI Instructor Manual

  • 09

    Dive Theory PicknMix

    • The Archimedes Principle

    • RDP : Hacked

    • RDP Rules

    • RDP: SAMPLE Q | planning multiple dives with minimum surface intervals

    • Compartments, half times and m-values

    • Parts of the ear and why they're like an inflatable obstacle course

    • Going Deeper into the ears

    • *POP QUIZ* Deeper into ears

    • The Endless Journey of the Haemoglobins

    • *POP QUIZ* The Endless Journey of the Haemoglobins

    • Gases in the body

    • Shallow Water Blackout

    • Heat Stroke vs Heat Exhaustion

    • Waves, Currents and Tides

    • Why do we have tides?


From our past candidates

“The IDC Success Pack helped me prepare for my PADI Instructor Course. I've not seen any other dive centres offer such in depth prep for the course. Anyone, even if you're not doing your IDC at The Fifth Point, will find this useful. ”


“ I couldn't have done it without Nic and the team at Fifth Point. They helped me to pass all my exams, they prepared me for what it was like to be an instructor. Not only that, they helped me develop ideas on how to improve the way things were done within the job I wanted to do. Best decision I made, picking to do my IDC with Fifth Point.”